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Printing best-by dates, lot codes and other information onto the package is an essential task for every beverage manufacturer; retailers look at this information to assist them with stock rotation and consumers look for this information to check for product freshness.

Willita coding and marking solutions for wide-ranging, challenging substrates.

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Willita has a range of printers to address printing on the bottle, can or other beverage container either before or after filling. We offer specially-formulated inks and unique accessories to displace any surface moisture help to ensure clear codes. In addition, laser marking systems deliver permanent, non ink-based printing.

Before or After Filler(图1)

Before or After Filler(图2)Continuous inkjet printer

Using ink and solvent-based non-contact printing technology, up to five lines of text, one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar codes or graphics can be printed on various types of packaging (including stationary packaging) through the lateral motion system.

Before or After Filler(图3)Laser Marking Machine

A beam of infrared light focused and steered with a series of carefully controlled small mirrors to create marks where the heat of the beam interacts with the packaging surface.